My Coke Can Collection

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Coke Zero Sucks

  I’m sorry – Coke Zero sucks. I wanted to like it, I really did. The can is really appealing, and the name is cute. It just doesn’t taste good. I’d rather drink Diet...

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Toy Soda Dispenser Coke

I had to show you this. This is a toy Coke soda dispenser from the 1950′s. It came to me in it’s original box. It was unsold stock from a hardware store that went...

soda-baby 1

Soda Baby

Most parents have struggled with the question, “How soon should I introduce soda-pop into my child’s diet?”. The answer? “Not soon enough!” This, according to this 50′s era print ad. This shameless advertisement encourages...

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How to Build A Coke Can Stove

I ran across a couple of websites (here and here), with some brilliant instructions on how to build a Coke can stove.   It’s made by assembling the sliced off bottoms of 2 Coke cans,...


Family-size Coke Bottle

Check out this 6-pack plastic carrying thing.  I’m showing it here because it represents an idea.  The idea that the Coca-Cola company believes that their product should be bought in large quantities. It should...

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Coke Zero Bottle

I like this Coke Zero bottle picture.  Coke Zero is basically Diet Coke for men. Diet Coke is so popular among women, that it may be perceived my some as a drink for ladies. ...

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