My Coke Can Collection

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Soda Baby

Most parents have struggled with the question, “How soon should I introduce soda-pop into my child’s diet?”. The answer? “Not soon enough!” This, according to this 50′s era print ad. This shameless advertisement encourages...

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How to Build A Coke Can Stove

I ran across a couple of websites (here and here), with some brilliant instructions on how to build a Coke can stove.   It’s made by assembling the sliced off bottoms of 2 Coke cans,...


Family-size Coke Bottle

Check out this 6-pack plastic carrying thing.  I’m showing it here because it represents an idea.  The idea that the Coca-Cola company believes that their product should be bought in large quantities. It should...

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Coke Zero Bottle

I like this Coke Zero bottle picture.  Coke Zero is basically Diet Coke for men.  It makes sense.  Diet Coke is so popular among women, that it may be perceived my some as a...

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